—  Sample Menu  —

tantastik tarts

* available in our gluten free crust (almond meal, eggs, sugar, extra virgin olive oil) *

 9 inch tarts


—  Classic Apple   —
shortbread cookie crust, cinnamon spiced apples, vanilla streusel

—  Cranberry-Apple   —
shortbread cookie crust, cinnamon spiced apples, fresh sliced cranberries, pistachio streusel

—  Pecan-Walnut  —
shortbread cookie crust, toasted pecan and walnuts in salted caramel sauce

—  Pumpkin Spice  —
shortbread cookie crust, pumpkin puree, pumpkin spiced whipped mascarpone

cookie Gallery

* batch orders make about 28-30 pieces depending on the type of cookie *

order by the batch $40

or by the dozen $20

—  Chocolate chip   —
vanilla cookie dough, Callebaut dark chocolate chips, Hawaiian lava salt

—  Pistachi0 Cranberry  —
vanilla cookie dough, toasted pistachio, dried cranberries

—  Triple Chocolate  —
chocolate cookie dough, Callebaut dark and milk chocolate chips

—  Who doesn't like SPRINKLES ?!?
vanilla or chocolate cookie dough, sprinkles and more sprinkles