Thank you so much

tanya n.

I currently live in Denver but while home for the holidays in Chicago, I had the pleasure of sitting down to a private meal prepared by Chef Erwin Tan. When Erwin invited me over for dinner, I knew I was in for a treat and, indeed, I had the best meal I had eaten in a long time. Erwin prepared braised short ribs with stir fried wonton noodles, pork katsu in a homemade curry sauce with mashed potatoes, and for dessert, a dark chocolate mousse with raspberry meringues that was just to die for. Every bite made me close my eyes wanting to savor all the delicious flavors, and put a smile on my face. It is clear that Erwin puts lots of thought into his menu, has an innate understanding of flavors that go together well and, most importantly, cooks with love. In a time when I was very homesick, sitting down to a meal prepared by Erwin was just what my soul needed. The food was wonderful, rivaled only by the company :)

Todd B. and Family


Over the last few years we have celebrated our son Grady's birthday with a custom Cake from Chef Erwin.  Chef Erwin creates a delicious custom cake that never disappoints. Each cake has been a huge hit at the party, and seconds are always given out.  Our family birthdays are never complete without a special sweet pastry or cake from haveyouetan.  Thank you Erwin for always delivering a special sweet on our birthdays!!

Tracey S. and family

When Erwin was living nearby in the city, we were privileged to have him in our home creating his incredibly healthy, tasty, beautifully presented, home cooked meals.They say a chef is a person who prepares food for people to eat; however, that would be an understatement when describing what Erwin does. Erwin is, by all measures, a Culinary Artist.  He is creative, passionate, and has an uncompromising commitment to quality.

Consistently, Erwin seeks out the finest ingredients and uses the best possible techniques to deliver the most palpable, beautifully looking product possible.At the end of a long work and school day, Erwin’s professional manner in customizing and creating home cooked, healthy menus for my family was an absolute treat for us all.We would arrive to our deliciously smelling home blessed with a beautiful, healthy meal made by Erwin.

Erwin has also worked his magic at a political party I hosted.  Once again, Erwin consistently balances the Science and Art of cooking and baking.  His food/deserts was and always are a big hit!!!

We greatly miss him and his culinary talent!!!

Beth P.

I am an elite endurance runner that is also gluten and dairy free and I need food that will properly refuel, restore and re-energize my body for the next day of training. Meal prep for me is essential but it usually comes with a lot of stress and limitation. I have had Erwin prepare multiple meals and desserts for me (I have a major sweet tooth!) and not only was he able to accommodate all of my dietary restrictions and needs, but he made chef quality food that was packed with flavor. Erwin made it so easy to have everything I needed, ready to go for dinner

His dinners for our family of five were not only delicious, but well balanced and health conscious without sacrificing flavor.  He cooked with a lot of variety and inventiveness so every week we were pleasantly surprised.  The desserts were to die for! Almost too beautiful to eat sometimes.

Mary B. and family

Chef Erwin was amazing from the moment I met him to the time he hand delivered the desserts for an advocacy event my charity was hosting.  His desserts not only looked beautiful and amazing but tasted even better than they looked.  He was caring with being sensitive to having options for dairy free and gluten free guests!  Everyone raved about the desserts at the event!!  They were the hit of the party!  I can't wait to use Chef Erwin at my next event!

Katie o.