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{ Proteins }



Available in dark meat (thighs) or white meat (breasts). Please mention your preference when ordering.

Oven roasted boneless & skinless chicken with minimal Extra virgin olive oil.

  1. Naked : just kosher salt, course ground pepper and lemon wedge

  2. Italian Porcini : Italian Herb salt free blend by The Spice House, Porcini Mushroom Powder, salt and pepper and lemon wedge

  3. Peri Peri : Peri Peri spice blend by The Spice House (smoky & spicy) and lemon wedge



Salmon or Dover Sole(when available)

Please mention your preference when ordering.

Individually baked en pappilote to ensure that it stays juicy and flavorful while giving the dish a lower fat profile

  1. Naked : lemon slices, kosher salt and course ground pepper

  2. Shichimi Togarashi : Japanese 7 Spice by The Spice House, sea salt and lemon wedge

  3. Lemon Pepper : Sunny Spain Salt free spice blend by The Spice House and lemon wedge

  4. Apricot Glaze : Organic Apricot preserves, coconut aminos, course ground black pepper and lemon wedge



Pork Loin Chops

Broiled. Sliced. Served.

  1. Naked : apple sauce, kosher salt and course ground pepper

  2. Balsamic Mustard : grainy Dijon mustard, coconut aminos and balsamic glaze

  3. Garlic Herb : Back of the yards spice blend by The Spice House



Flank Steak

Sliced. Cast Iron Stir Fried. Served.

  1. Dijon : Dijon Mustard and Gluten Free Worcestershire

  2. Fajita : Chili Lime Seasoning, sautéed bell peppers and onions

  3. Citrus-Soy (Bistek Tagalog) : Low sodium Tamari, calamansi juice and sliced yellow onions.



not your moms meatballs

85/15 ground grass fed beef + organic eggs + spices and seasoning + to make it gluten free we added potato flakes (this seals in the moisture as well)

  1. Naked : kosher salt and course ground pepper

  2. Garlic Maple : fresh grated garlic, Gateway to the North seasoning by The Spice House





Cauliflower : roasted - everything bagel seasoning

Asparagus : roasted - onion salt and lemon juice

Brussels Sprouts : roasted- lemon juice and coconut aminos

Baby Zucchini : baked - Italian seasoning and kosher salt

Potatoes : roasted - garlic pepper seasoning

Broccoli : roasted - kosher salt, pepper and lemon juice

Tomato Cucumber : sliced tomatoes, Persian cucumbers, lemon juice and Hawaiian lava salt

Sweet Potatoes : roasted - salt and pepper


* we take every precaution to clean and sanitize our equipment, but being in a shared kitchen some of the shared equipment may have been used to process most common allergens: wheat, soy, tree nuts, peanuts, dairy and eggs.*